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Fundraising - Why Your Support Matters!

Sometimes, it feels like there is fundraiser after fundraiser...

Which is why your PTO board keeps striving to find new, interesting and, most of all, EASY fundraisers. Unfortunately, they are an important part of giving your students the best school experience possible. Fundraisers allow us to help teachers purchase classroom supplies and recess equipment. We can purchase classroom technology and projects for Innovation Lab and the Library. Because of fundraisers, we can give donations to families in need and provide educational assemblies. And we can run events like Movie Night and Family Craft Night.


So, we're asking you to participate when you're able and spread the word to your family and friends -- every time you do, you are supporting your school and your student's school experience!

Our Current Fundraisers

Rite Aid Rewards


If you have a Rite-Aid rewards card, you could be helping the school earn money for classroom purchases. By registering your card with Brecknock's program, every time you get a prescription filled or shop at Rite-Aid, you'll be adding to the schools funds. Follow the link here to join up: Link your Card!

Box Tops


Box Tops are back and better than ever! No more need to cut out and sort through all those little coupons - now you just need to download the Box Tops app and scan your grocery receipt! Eligible items will automatically be credited to the school. Visit for more information about the program and download the app from the Apple App Store or Google PlayStore!

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