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Outdoor Spaces

Brecknock PTO, in partnership with Brecknock Elementary staff, has always strived to continue improving the educational experience for each student who walks through Brecknock's doors. Our most ambitious project has been trying to add to the outdoor spaces and incorporate them into the students' learning.

We are very excited to be moving forward with a large improvement this year in the form of an outdoor classroom. This project will be completed in phases with the help of District staff, local businesses and, of course, our community.

Read below to learn about the proposed phases of this project.



Brush Removal

The first stage of the project will involve removing all of the overgrown brush along the northwest side of the building so that the fence can be installed. Click below to view photos of the brush, with pictures added as removal takes place (this will be done by District employees). Completed Spring '23


Fence Installation

This stage will involve having a fence installed around the entire outdoor garden and classroom area which will ensure both privacy and safety for students and staff. We hope to have this started by the fall. The cost will exceed $20,000 - details are still being determined for final materials and timeline of installation. Pictures will be added as the fence is put up. (Picture shown is meant to be example only, and is not of actual fence.) Completed Summer '23



Classroom Base

We are applying for a Lowe's Heroes Grant for this stage of the process, and hopefully lowering our overall cost. (Photo is for example purposes only.)


Classroom Walls & Roof

The last stage of the project will be construction of the classroom, a space which will (tentatively) involve 4 walls and a roof, so that it can be utilized as much of the school-year as possible. This section will be updated as more details become available.



We are looking to partner with local businesses to help offset some of the expenses of this project. If you are interested, please contact us at so we can explain our appreciation program.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Maroon Sponsors

B&G Electric
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